The LSBU Championship is opportunity for members to race against each other in a bid to become the LSBU Karting Champion!

The club runs a minimum of five races over the course of the year at indoor tracks in venues by TeamSports.

The championship is open to all student members and are automatically entered – this does not mean you must race to win, but all the racing will take place in a single on-track session.

The specific date and time for races will be confirmed closer to the date of the event itself, although usually take place on a Wednesda.

Participants will require to bring a racing balaclava and gloves (which may be purchased at Teamsport venues) while all other gear will be provided by the race venue host. Suitable footwear must be worn and participants must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol before or during the race.

Race entry tickets can be purchased from the SBSU website at a discounted rate. The club is currently aiming to have a 10-track race calendar by 2025.



The BUKC is an opportunity for students all over the UK to come together and race wheel-to-wheel at outdoor racing tracks in go karts across the UK.

The championship is open to LSBU Racing members of all abilities. There is a range of diving series open to the club, although historically the club has only ever competed in the rookie series and intermediate class.

The championships which the club enters depends on the number of members interested and the level of experience of the members, in addition to further criteria provided by the BUKC.

Races take place all over the UK over the course of the academic year (see the BUKC website for dates and locations).

For information about participating in the BUKC, please talk to the club President (Huzaifah Jeewa) who oversees the club’s participation in the BUKC.

By 2025, the club aims to have members in every championship series.

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The British University Sim Racing Championship is an online racing championship set up in association with NSE in which racers compete against each other on different racing games and simulators from the comfort of their own home.

Drivers compete in seasonal leagues with the winners of each league winning sponsored prizes. BUSR have their own dedicated Discord server for communication and access to events.

The championship is open to both LSBU Racing members and LSBU Esports members of all skill levels. Drivers also have a range of kit, with some drivers using sim wheel rigs and others using controllers, however all are on PC, so the minimum kit requirement is a PC and a game to race on.

Entering the league is free, however as mentioned racers will need to purchase any games or simulation programmes that they want to race on, which will not be provided by the club.

For information about participating in the BUSR, please talk to the club Vice President (Callum Vickers) who oversees the club’s participation in the BUSR.

By 2025, the club aims to have more title contenders and champions in various BUSR series events such as the F1 series events, Assetto Corsa Competizione and Dirt Rally 2.

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Go Kart Racing


Simulation sessions are an opportunity for members to participate in virtual races and challenges using the simulation equipment.

Sessions are usually run on Wednesdays and Fridays (providing no other club activities are taking place). The sessions are run by committee members on a rotating schedule.

The exact time and location of the sessions will be confirmed once room bookings are completed. Participants are not required to bring any kit as any equipment required will be provided.

The price of the simulation session is included in the membership costs.